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SAP HANA a star SHINEs bright

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:33 pm
by Hay Bouten
As of SAP HANA SPS06 SAP ships the SAP HANA INteractive Education (SHINE) as a demo application that makes it easy to learn how to build native SAP HANA applications. The SHINE application is delivered as a special delivery unit (DU). It comes with sample data and design-time developer objects for the application's database tables, data views, stored procedures, OData, and user interface.

Importing the Demo Application
The demo application is shipped with the SAP HANA server as a delivery unit (DU). You only need to import this DU to use it. Below I explain the import process:

  1. Choose File => Import
  2. Select SAP HANA Content => Delivery Unit => Next
  3. Select the system on which you want to install the demo application, and then choose Next
  4. In the Select File window, do the following:
    • Select Server
    • In the File dropdown box select HCO_DEMOCONTENT.tgz
    • In Actions choose Activate objects
    • Choose Finish

For more information download the SAP HANA INteractive Education (SHINE) installation guide.

Some URL's used by the application:
  • Data Generator application - http://<myServer>:<XS Port>/sap/hana/democontent/epm/admin/ui/WebContent/admin.html
  • Purchase Order Worklist application - http://<myServer>:<XS Port>/sap/hana/democontent/epm/ui/poworklist/WebContent/poWorklist.html