Installing the Advanced Function Library (ALF)

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Installing the Advanced Function Library (ALF)

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The Advanced Function Library (ALF) can be installed using the SAP HANA On-site configuration tool. The HANA On-site configuration tool located on the SAP HANA installation DVD in the following <instal DVD>/DATA_UNITS/HANA_IM_X86_64/

You can use the gui-mode by using the following command line:

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./ --gui
Select Install AFL and press [Next >] to continue.
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To install the AFL library specify the database SID, the System Administrator password and the location of the AFL install package. Press [Run] to start the installation.
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The installation takes only a few minutes. Press Finish to return to the main menu of the SAP HANA On-site configuration tool.
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After the installation AFL is part of your system, so during patching make sure that you download and apply the AFL patches together with the regular HANA patches. Make sure that you have the latest SUM (>= SUMHANA05P_3-20008246.SAR) installed when patching the SAP HANA system.

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