Update HANA using SUM without a SMP connection

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Update HANA using SUM without a SMP connection

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If security measures prevent your SAP HANA server to directly connect to the SAP Service MarketPlace you can perform a SUM for HANA revision update with locally stored patch files. The HANA administrator needs to download the patch files, including the stack.xml, from the SAP Service MarketPlace[/b].

Use the "Support Package Stack Download" or the "Comprised Software Component Versions" to download the patch files. The stack.xml file can be generated using the "Support Package Stack Download" wizard. This will generate you an stack.xml file with the currect revision level. Place the patches, including the stack.xml file in a for <sid>adm accessible directory (i.e./HANAPatch_rev47) on your SAP HANA server.

HANA Patchen
Start the SAP HANA Studio and select in the <SID> context menu "Lifecycle Management".
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SUM is started automatically. If SUM display a pop-up telling you its running in secure mode, you can "fix" this by following the instruction in the topic "SUM can't start automatic due to secure mode"
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If you haven't setup the certificates yet you will see this pop-up. Accept the certificate.
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As an example we will perform the "Apply Single Support Packages (Advanced option)" option to apply a patch from the local filesystem. Select your patch directory using the "Browse" button.
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Navigate to your patch directory and press the "OK" button.
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In the Update window you now can press "Next" button.
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The downloaded patch also contained a SUMforHANA patch, so SUM performs a "Self Update" first.
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Restart SAP HANA Studio after the SUM patch has been installed. After the restart navigate to the "Lifecycle Management" and start it again. The "Lifecycle Management" wizard will continue at the location were it was stopped.
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The sapadm password is required to patch the SAPHost agent, Specify the password of user sapadm[/b amd press "Next" to continue.

SUM detects the installed components and matches these to the patches in the patch directory.

The overview screen shows the current patch level and the available patch level. If the SUM proposal is correct press the "Update" button to continue.

If nesseary the SUM proposal can be changed. Click the the Target version column to change the proposal.

The SUM update is running. SAP HANA is being patched.

The patch summary screen shows that the patch is applied successful.
Attention: The SAP HANA Studio repository has been patched, but the SAP HANA Studio has to be patched manually (also on the HANA server).

To return to the SUM start screen press the Start Over button.
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Re: Update HANA using SUM without a SMP connection

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SUM for HANA has been replaced by SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager. More information can be found here.

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